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Office Policy


My standard fee is $140 for a 55 minute individual session, and $180 for a 75 minute couple session.

Therapist and patient work together to establish a fee that respectfully takes into account the patient's financial situation. Payment is due at time of service.

I trust clients to use the honor system when reporting income and negotiating fees. People typically meet with their therapist once or twice a week. Because psychotherapy is an in-depth approach to treatment, it is not possible to pre-determine how long treatment will take.

I am committed to offering treatment for people who are able to make use of therapy and could not otherwise afford it.


  • I respect your right to privacy and hold information that you discuss in strict confidence. No information about you will be disclosed unless you have signed a written release, except for in the following circumstances:
  • If you threaten grave bodily harm to yourself or another, or if you are unable to care for yourself, I am legally responsible to inform the appropriate authorities, and the intended victim.
  • If I hear of or suspect physical abuse or neglect, or sexual abuse, I am required to report this information.
  • I seek supervision and consultation to ensure the quality of my work. These are done under strictly professional and confidential circumstances.

Scheduling and Cancellations:

Sessions are 55 minutes long. If you miss a scheduled session with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged my full fee for that session. If you need to change a scheduled session, the sooner you let me know the better, as I will more likely be able to find you another appointment time.

Phone Calls:

My phone is answered by voice mail 24 hours a day. I will try to return your phone call within 24 hours during normal business hours. When leaving a message please indicate several good times when I can call you and include your phone number. In times of crises, I offer clients one free 15- minute phone call a week. There is no charge for administrative/business/scheduling phone calls.

If you experience a mental health emergency you should call 911 or go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

Site Policies:

Tracking software is used to analyze traffic to this web site. This software does not create individual profiles for visitors. Unlike some tracking services this tracking does not have a database of individual profiles for each visitor. It only collects aggregate data.

Downtown Seattle/Madison Park/First Hill
Counseling & Psychotherapy

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